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men are upset about getting judged for wearing fedoras???? wow, sure must be awful to have your character judged based on what you choose to wear. i can’t even imagine what that must be like

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"i love american horror story"


"but i skipped asylum lol"


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I bought a inflatable alien and a hermit crab that grows 600x it’s original size when it’s put in water

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Dave and Draco in Hogsmeade …

However there is a lot of Elton John and FleetwoodMac playing on the radio and I like that

Bbbbbenny and the jetssss

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Update: I’ve been in this RV for a while now and it’s cold and bumpy and loud and I’m sharing a couch with a small (but adorable) heathen-he ate all of my Cheetos. This isn’t as fun as I remembered from when I was a kid. I’m just waiting for the 3am pizza I was promised

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